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Cotacachi - Pueblo Magico
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Located in the northern province of Imbabura, Cotacachi is a land of overwhelming peace and tranquility blessed with a unique natural environment that charms its visitors into coming back time and time again.  It is a quaint city overflowing with culture, tradition and friendly people. 
Cotacachi is an artisan city that is famous for its leather goods and handicraftsOn the weekends, Cotacachi comes to life as local artisans display their crafts to the benefit of locals and tourists alike.  Their skill and craftsmanship is evident in the wood carvings and leather clothing, among other things, that they sell throughout the city, but mainly on the 10 de Agosto, known as "Leather Avenue".
 Cotacachi is also the proud recipient of many local and international recognitions and awards:
§  Declared first ecological district of South America,  2000
§  Dubai International Award - Best Practices Urban  Management, 2000
§  UNESCO Cities for Peace, 2002
§ Named Pueblo Magico in 2019
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